Toddler Classrooms

Who – Toddler classrooms are led by a NYS Certified Early Childhood Education Teacher and assistants. Our nurturing and experienced teachers will set goals for each child through conversations with family and direct observation.

What – Kids Express Toddler classrooms are committed to supporting the early stages of young children’s development. We recognize that toddlers learn by exploring their environment and so we provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to encourage and stimulate your child’s development while they are in our care.

When – The hours of our Toddler program are from 7AM until 5:30PM. Both full time and part time options are available. We understand that every families schedule is different, so we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Where – Our Toddler Classrooms can be found at our Maplewood School. Located on the border of Watervliet and Cohoes, the Maplewood school is a full sized school with a wonderfully enriching atmosphere. We have felt nothing but warmth from the Maplewood community, as they are very supportive of our programs and are so pleased to see the school once again filled with laughter and learning.

The Curriculum – Kids Express provides a safe, but stimulating environment in which children can grow. The toddler stage can be seen as one of the most challenging (and rewarding) times. Toddlers are very mobile and active; using all five senses to discover the world. Children at this age respond well to regular daily routine with set meal times, rest times, and play times. Corresponding to that idea, toilet training is best accomplished by taking the child to the toilet at the same times each day. 

Important independence skills are also being acquired during these years including personal care such as toileting, feeding, and dressing. Patience is essential as a toddler struggles to master skills (developing independence at this stage occurs after much repetition and encouragement). We provide realistic toys and experiences that enable children to engage in increasingly complex types of play and practice.  Our goal is to get them ready to make a smooth transition into preschool when the time arrives.