Meet Our Team! 

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Kayla

Education: Master's Degree (MSED) in Special Education

What Kayla likes about being a teacher: "I enjoy singing and dancing with the kids! I also love listening to their stories."

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Ruth

Education: Master's Degree in Special Education, teaching with the agency for over 25 years!

What Ruth likes about being a teacher: “I enjoy seeing the children eager to learn and becoming excited about learning new things. I love hearing the children’s conversations, which are triggered by something they have learned, and how it relates to their lives!“

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Emily M.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Concentration in Special Education and General Education (B-9), Master's Degree in Literacy.

What Emily likes about being a teacher: “ I enjoy being a part of children’s lives and watching them learn and grow. Every day is a new experience and each moment in our classroom presents a new opportunity for learning!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms.


What        likes about being a teacher

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Kristen

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education, Master’s Degree in Literacy

What Kristen likes about being a teacher: “I enjoy watching my students learn and grow throughout the year. I love guiding students in their exploration of the world around them, and helping them become lifelong learners!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Katrina

Education: Master’s Degree in Special Education and Early Childhood Education

What Katrina likes about being a teacher: "The best part of my job is seeing the smiling faces of the kids every day. I enjoy seeing the expressions on their faces when they learn something new or master a skill they have worked so hard on. Working with young children brings fun, exciting, and new memories every day!"

Preschool Teacher:

What            likes about being a teacher: 

Preschool Teacher: Ms Marlene

Education: Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education. 26 years of teaching experience in early childhood education.

What Marlene likes about being a teacher: "Seeing the children come to school brings a smile to my face, knowing that I can teach them new things and have an impact on their lives means so much to me."

Preschool Teacher - Ms. 


What       likes about being a teacher: 

Preschool Teacher: Ms.


What        likes about being a teacher: 

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Jenna

Education: What Jenna likes most about being a teacher is:  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood/ Special Education from The College of Saint Rose. I also received my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and instruction from The College of Saint  Rose. 

What Jenna likes most about being a teacher is: Forming positive relationships and watching my students learn and grow as individuals. Having the opportunity to teach and make a difference is incredibly rewarding. 

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Heather

Education: Working towards a Masters of Arts in Special Education. I have 6 years of experience in early childhood, primarily working with preschool aged children.

What Heather likes most about being a teacher is: being a part of the growth and development of so many unique young children and watching them learn and blossom.

Preschool Teacher - Ms.


What I love most:

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Tammy

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education and Psychology.  I have an Associates degree in Early Child Education. I have 22 years of experience in Early childhood education.

What Tammy likes about being a teacher: "Teaching preschool children is my passion.  I love seeing the excitement on the children’s faces when they are engaging with their peers or learning something new and exciting.  I love learning each child’s unique style of learning and using strategies that meet their needs.  Most importantly, I love watching children learn and grow."

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Shaneque

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Mandy

Education: Will be graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Educational Studies in December.  With the potential to move on to my Masters in Special Education.  I have been teaching in an Early Childhood setting for six years now.  I have a background in both Special and General Education.

What Mandy likes about being a teacher is: “I love having the opportunity to work with young children and watch them grow and develop into their own unique individuals.

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Rachel

Education: I have over 10 years of experience in a variety of Early Childhood settings and programs. I currently hold a Masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction, with a minor in Early Childhood Education, as well as a Children’s Program Administrator credential through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 

What Rachel likes about the job: “There are so many things I enjoy about my position, as both a teacher and an administrator. Young children are naturally curious, want to learn, and love sharing what they’re learning with other people. Watching their eyes light up when they make a new connection or are showing something they’ve been working hard on makes my whole day worthwhile. Helping to create the curriculum they use in the classroom is an extra fun part!”

Preschool Teacher - Ms. Alyson

Education: Bachelors Degree in Childhood Education with a minor/concentration in English Language Arts from The College of Saint Rose. In January 2022 I am furthering my education by beginning my coursework online for my Graduate Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  I have worked in Early Childhood for roughly four years altogether. Throughout college I worked in a UPK/EPK setting for Albany City CSD. This opportunity taught me a lot, it familiarized me with the curriculum and the field itself. 

What Alyson likes about being a teacher is: “What I love about being a teacher is that it’s a job that continuously challenges you. Each child is different and what works for one, may not work for another child. You are responsible for brainstorming, researching, and trying different methods all of the time. It’s an occupation that forces you to grow and go outside of your comfort zone. 


                                                     Children are the brightest lights; they are unapologetically themselves, they are silly, they       

                                                     say whatever is on their mind, their way of thinking is curious and creative, and they are in a stage    

                                                     that just amazes me every single day. Spending your day surrounded by them, I am not sure

                                                     who wouldn't love their job! Teaching also gives you the added bonus of watching them form

                                                     friendships, find themselves, learn, grow, and explore, which truly makes it the most rewarding job

                                                     in the world.”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Kristen

Education:  Bachelors of Early childhood/ Special education & Masters of Psychology Applied Behavior Analysis

What Kristen likes about being a teacher is:  I love spending every day with the tiny people I create a bond with every year. The most rewarding feeling is helping my students conquer the daily challenges life can throw their way. Most of all, we enjoy celebrating their successes together. 

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Kaitlyn



What Alyson likes about being a teacher is:

Site Director: Ms. Kelly

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Master's Degree in Educational Psychology

What Kelly likes about her job: “I truly enjoy supporting families as they make one of the most important decisions for their child: deciding the first stepping stone for their child’s education. I take pride in the exceptional programs Kids Express has to offer in the early childhood field. I have the opportunity to work with highly qualified educators who see the amazing potential of each child that attends our programs!”

Administrative Assistant and Marketing: Ms. Liz

Education: Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education. 10 years of teaching experience and 5 years working with students with special needs.

What Liz likes about her job: “I thoroughly enjoy using the skills and techniques I have learned in the classroom and applying them to my administrative position!”

Social Worker, LCSW: Ms. Bre

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree and Clinical License in Social Work

What Bre likes about her job: “Working with children, their families, and the staff at Achievements! I love having the opportunity to see the growth of each kiddo throughout the year, and celebrating every success, big or small!”

IEP Coordinator: Ms Jessica

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education (Grade 1-Grade 6), Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education  (Birth-Grade 2), with over 10 years of teaching experience and Administrative Certification in NYS School Building Leader and actively seeking NYS School District Leader certification.

What Jessica likes about her job: My favorite part about my job is building connections and seeing the growth in students, families and staff.  I love the dynamic program that Achievements has to offer with students and families as our priority.  I also love how our staff are continuously learning and growing with our students in a developmentally appropriate and authentic learning environment.  When we work as a unit with families we see the positive changes and growth in our students and that is the most rewarding experience.  When parents choose our program for their child, they are choosing us as a part of their family and that is something that I value and respect.  Welcome to the Achievements/Kids Express family!

OCFS Compliance: Ms. Sue

Education: AAS Human Services; working with children for approximately  over 30 years in varies capacities and situation from youth groups, daycares to school.

What I love most about my job is I enjoy organizing things and using peoples input in order to assess what would best for a majority of various needs.  I love seeing the kids grow and learn.  I feel great reward when I see "the light go on" as a child learns something new.

Social Emotional Learning Specialist & Family Outreach: Ms. Noelle

Education:  Noelle’s credentials include Board Certification in Behavior Analysis, a Master of Science in Special Education, a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as 8 years of classroom instructional experience working with individuals of varying abilities.

What Noelle likes about being a part of Kids Express is “That teaching certainly provides me with a purpose and fulfillment in ways that have both challenged and motivated me. As an early childhood educator, promoting young children’s healthy social and emotional development is, and will continue to be, the foundation for learning. What an incredible responsibility it is to teach, model, practice, and encourage skills that are crucial to, not only being an upholding citizen, but are vital for relationship building, self-regulation, problem-solving, self-reflection, and any future learning to take place.”

Social Worker, LCSW and Family Support: Ms. Katie

Education:  Has a Masters in Social Work from SUNY Albany and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Katie has been working in early childhood education for 4 years.

What Katie likes about being a part of Achievements/Kids Express is: "The best part of my job is helping children with their social emotional skills through their play. It is such a joy to see the growth children make throughout the year as they gain more skills to navigate social interactions with their peers and teachers.”

Social Worker, LMSW and Family Support: Ms. Melissa


What Melissa likes best about being a part of Achievements/Kids Express: 

Administrative Assistant - Ms. Ellen 

Education: Has a CDA (Child Development Associate) and has been working in the Child Care field for more than 30 years. Most of those years were as a Teacher working directly with the children but the past 5 or so have been in Administration.

What Ellen likes about her job: “I started with Achievements in late 2020. As Admin Support, I work in the office but I wear many hats. I love being able to be there for the classrooms to help them in any way I can. I feel lucky to be able to have a glimpse into every room and be able to meet ALL of the children. It's such a privilege to watch this dedicated team of professionals do what they all do so well and to watch the children thrive. I am constantly amazed at the work being done here!”

DAP/Curriculum Support - Ms. Remy


What Remy likes about her job is: