Meet Our Team! 

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Cathy

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Master's Degree in Childhood/Special Education.

What Cathy likes about being a teacher: “My favorite part of working with children in this age range is their enthusiasm for learning, and watching their "AH HA" moments flood in!"

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Kayla

Education: Masters Degree (MSED) in Special Education

What Kayla likes about being a teacher: "I enjoy singing and dancing with the kids! I also love listening to their stories."

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Gina

Education: Master's Degree in Literacy (B-6), Certification in Special Education (B-6), Certification in General Education (B-6)

What Gina likes about being a teacher: "Those 'AHA” moments when you are able to help a child pass a hurdle. The smiles on their faces and knowing I am making a difference in their lives. I also love being creative and sharing those ideas everyday in my classroom!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Ruth

Education: Master's Degree in Special Education, 20 years teaching with our agency!

What Ruth likes about being a teacher: “I enjoy seeing the children eager to learn and becoming excited about learning new things. I love hearing the children’s conversations, which are triggered by something they have learned, and how it relates to their lives!“

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Emily D.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Concentration in Special Education and General Education (B-9), Master's Degree in Literacy.

What Emily likes about being a teacher: “ I enjoy being a part of children’s lives and watching them learn and grow. Every day is a new experience and each moment in our classroom presents a new opportunity for learning!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Tricia

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts for Children, Teacher Certification (B-6 and Students with Disabilities B-6). 

What Tricia likes about being a teacher: "I love finding a child's unique interest or something to bond about, and using that to help create a comfortable, happy, environment conducive to learning. My favorite time of the day is music and movement. I love to lead activities that get the children's bodies moving and allows them to show their personalities!"

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Rachna

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Education. Master's Degree in Special Education.

What Rachna likes about being a teacher: "I enjoy working in an integrated classroom setting. The classroom offers good student adult ratio, so there is a lot of support and positive reinforcement to each child. The activities are fun and hands on, and all of our students come to school with a smile! The staff is very caring and always have a positive attitude. I really appreciate working for Achievements & Kids Express, as we are all like a family and are there for each other."

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Tammy

Education: Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education and Psychology

What Tammy likes about being a teacher: “I enjoy working with preschool aged children, and discovering/adapting to each child’s unique style of learning!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Ann

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Masters Degree in Special Education. 23 years of teaching experience in Special Education, 17 years with our agency!

What Ann likes about being a teacher: “It is so rewarding to know that I can make a difference in a students life both inside and outside the classroom. It is exciting to watch children learn new things and grow!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Casey

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

What Casey likes about being a teacher: “I really love watching students grow and learn throughout the school year!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Kristen

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education, Master’s Degree in Literacy

What Kristen likes about being a teacher: “I enjoy watching my students learn and grow throughout the year. I love guiding students in their exploration of the world around them, and helping them become lifelong learners!”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Kerri

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education, Master’s Degree in Literacy, Students with Disabilities and Early Childhood Education.

What Kerri likes about her job: “I love how children see everything as a new, exciting experience. I feel like it’s an honor to be a person in a child’s life to help him/her see the world for its potential and beauty.”

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Katrina

Education: Master’s Degree in Special Education and Early Childhood Education

What Katrina likes about being a teacher: "The best part of my job is seeing the smiling faces of the kids every day. I enjoy seeing the expressions on their faces when they learn something new or master a skill they have worked so hard on. Working with young children brings fun, exciting, and new memories every day!"

Preschool Teacher: Ms. Aleisha

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (B-2), Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education Literacy (B-2)

What Aleisha likes about being a teacher: "I have always loved working with kids. I love to see their excitement for learning each morning and for it to continue throughout the day in our activities."

Toddler Teacher: Ms. Ann

Education: Associates Degrees in Early Childhood and Child Development. Currently working towards a Bachelor's Degree.

What Ann likes about being a teacher: “Helping my students to thrive developmentally by providing a responsive and stimulating learning environment that is safe and fun filled! As toddlers are sensory learners, I enjoy creating opportunities to explore their senses!"

Marketing and Administrative Assistant: Ms. Deanna

Education: School-Age Care (SAC) Credential

What Deanna likes about being a teacher: "I love coming to work everyday and seeing all the children's smiling faces. They all love being here! Every day I am here, I learn something new from my co-workers and the children. I'm meeting new people every day, and I truly enjoy being a part of this wonderful team!"

Assistant Early Childhood Director: Ms. Kelly

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Master's Degree in Educational Psychology

What Kelly likes about her job: “I truly enjoy supporting families as they make one of the most important decisions for their child: deciding the first stepping stone for their child’s education. I take pride in the exceptional programs Kids Express has to offer in the early childhood field. I have the opportunity to work with highly qualified educators who see the amazing potential of each child that attends our programs!”

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Liz

Education: Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. 10 years of teaching experience and 5 years working with students with special needs.

What Liz likes about her job: “ I thoroughly enjoy using the skills and techniques I have learned in the classroom and applying them to my administrative position!”

Social Worker, LCSW: Ms. Bre

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree and Clinical License in Social Work

What Bre likes about her job: “Working with children, their families, and the staff at Achievements! I love having the opportunity to see the growth of each kiddo throughout the year, and celebrating every success, big or small!”